As many people now know, on May 10th the Judiciary Committee of the Milwaukee County Board voted in favor of adding a cannabis legalization advisory referendum to the November ballot. If passed by the full county board on May 24th, it will ask Milwaukee County voters in November if they think Wisconsin should legalize cannabis. While the results have no legal effect, if legalization wins by a large margin (which we expect it will, given 64% of Americans support legalization according to Gallop Polling) it will help strengthen the push for legalization once the new governor and lawmakers are in office next year.

We want these referendums to be on the ballot in counties all over the state. Please contact your county supervisors and ask them to put a referendum on the ballot in your county as well. If you live in one of the more populated counties of the state, please look below for how you can email a pre-written letter to your county supervisors in support of a referendum.

Unlike with state legislative and congressional lawmakers, we don’t have a slick system for targeting your specific County Supervisor. But we do have an easy way to send a pre-written letter to all of the Supervisors in your county. When you click the link for your county, your web browser will open your default email client with a pre-written letter to send to the supervisors. You can edit the letter if you wish, or you can simply hit send. If this doesn’t work on your computer, try from your phone, which is more likely to have your email client properly setup.

If your county is not listed on here, we can get it up soon. Please contact me at if you would like me to add your county.

Milwaukee County

The fight in Milwaukee is not over yet. The full county board must approve the advisory referendum in their meeting on May 24th. Please use the link below to contact the Milwaukee County Supervisors.

Email Milwaukee County Supervisors

Dane County

Email Dane County Supervisors

Waukesha County

Email Waukesha County Supervisors

Racine County

Email Racine County Supervisors

Outagamie County

Email Outagamie County Supervisors

Winnebago County

Email Winnebago County Supervisors

​Kenosha County

Email Kenosha County Supervisors

Fond du Lac County

Email Fond du Lac County Supervisors