Help us Grow the Vote for cannabis legalization! There are many ways you can promote the pro-cannabis candidates and referendums.


Make sure to vote on November 6th!
Find your polling place at and make sure to bring a photo ID.

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can register at your polling place on election day. In addition to your photo ID, bring proof of residence (utility bill, pay stub, lease, any government document) with your name and address on it if you need to register.


We’ll ship flyers to you at no cost if you can distribute them to friendly businesses, at concerts, on college campuses, or anywhere else cannabis-supporters can be reached.

If you would like a stack of flyers, email and include:

  • The address to ship the flyers to
  • How many fliers you would like us to send

You can also download a PDF version of the flyers that fit 4 to a 8.5×11″ sheet here if you want to print your own.


We’re looking for people in counties with cannabis referendums to hold banners promoting “YES” votes on the referendums. We have 9 total sets of the “VOTE YES NOV 6” banners.

See list of counties with referendums

We’d like to see them held over busy freeway overpasses. You can either hold them yourself, or you can rig up some kind of stand for them. We used microphone stands with clamps when we’ve done this.

If you would like a set of banners, email with your address and where you plan on holding them. Due to the limited number, we may not be able to send banners to everyone who requests them.

Help Pro-Cannabis Candidates Get Elected

The referendums around Wisconsin are only advisory. The only way the laws can be changed is by electing representatives who support cannabis legalization. Go to our Legislative Candidate Positions page to find supportive candidates in your area, click on their name to find their campaign website, then contact them to find out how you can help.

Flip the Governorship and Senate

Cannabis legalization has gone nowhere with Wisconsin entirely under Republican control. Scott Walker has adamently opposed legalization and no Republican has signed on to either the medical or recreational legalization bills. If we want legalization, we need to elect Tony Evers and flip the Senate to Democratic control – that’s the reality.

These 5 state senate races are considered key to flipping the state senate. All of them have Democratic candidates that are strongly supportive of cannabis legalization running against prohibitionist Republicans. If you are near one of these districts, please prioritize volunteering for them:

Yard Signs

We have some yard signs available for people in Racine County, Kenosha County, and City of Waukesha. If you would like a yard sign, contact the point person for your area (Texting preferred method of contact):

  • Racine County
    • Joel Jacobson – 262-716-4518
  • Kenosha County
    • Andy Berg – 262-705-9808
  • City of Waukesha
    • Eric Marsch – 262-443-0089

Texting Likely Supporters

We will be working with Our Wisconsin Revolution to text likely cannabis supporters to inform them about the referendums. Check back on Monday 10/29 to get involved with this.