The 4th of July is coming up, and that means parades, cookouts, fireworks, and other community events. These are perfect places to collect petition signatures for cannabis legalization.

These petitions are very valuable to us for two reasons:

  1. When we talk to legislators at the capitol, we bring these forms with to show the support cannabis legalization has in their district
  2. These forms are how people sign up for our contact list, allowing us to keep them up-to-date with news, elections, important events, and other ways they can get involved

At the bottom of the page are two PDFs. One is the petition form and the other is a sign you can print and tape onto the back of the clipboard.

A couple things to note about collecting signatures:

  • We need a full address to determine which legislator represents a person’s area. Without this, the signature doesn’t do us any good
    • The form is still useful to us if they give us their phone number or email; we just wont have anyone at the capitol to turn it in to
  • Promote a positive image of cannabis consumers and activists by being clean, sober, and respectful while petitioning
  • Anyone signing must live in Wisconsin
  • Regarding teenagers signing: This petition is advisory in nature only, so there’s no harm in a teenager signing it. All 17-year-olds and many 16-year-olds will be old enough to vote by November 2020, so there is value in adding them to our contact list if they’re interested.

Once you have collected some petition signatures, you can email or text Eric Marsch at 262-443-0089 (Please text, not call) to arrange for someone to pickup the forms from you or to get an address to mail them to (Will be moving soon, so address is in flux).

Of course there’s no reason to limit your petitioning to only 4th of July events. We encourage you to petition at other summer events in your area, such as street festivals, farmers markets, concerts at parks, etc. Some of these events may not allow political work on their grounds, but there’s nothing prohibiting you from standing on the sidewalk leading to these events and catching people as they come and go.

Only by having a network of volunteers all across Wisconsin can we achieve cannabis legalization in the next couple of years. Over the next few months, we will be developing activist groups across the state through the newly formed state chapter, NORML Wisconsin. Join us in our fight to end the injustices of prohibition and make legal cannabis a reality in Wisconsin!

If you have any questions, contact Eric Marsch at or 262-443-0089 (Texting much preferred).

Print these PDFs:

Full Legal Signature Form

Cannabis Petition Sign – 8.5 x 11