A medical cannabis bill SB 507 has been introduced in Wisconsin! This bill covers a very wide array of conditions, allows patients to grow their own cannabis, and creates a robust market that will ensure patients will have easy access to affordable high-quality cannabis.

This bill is very similar to the medical cannabis bills that have been introduced in past years, but with one major difference: bipartisan support! This bill was co-authored by a Republican – Patrick Testin – which makes this the first time a Republican has supported a medical cannabis bill in Wisconsin. Since Senator Testin chairs the Senate Health Committee (where the bill will almost certainly be assigned), this gives us a huge opportunity to get the bill past the first step of the legislative process.

Although medical cannabis now has bipartisan legislative support and overwhelming support among the Wisconsin public, there is still significant opposition. This bill wont pass itself without Wisconsinites standing up and demanding action.

There are two actions you can take right now to help bring medical cannabis to Wisconsin:

  1. ​We have a pre-written letter that you can send to your state reps asking them to support the bill. You can send it from: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/support-sb-507​
  2. Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald, has said that he will block the bill because he “can’t see the support”. His office number is 608-266-5660. Give him a call. Tell him that only a heartless person wants to deny patients their medicine and that he should stand with Senator Testin and the 83% of Wisconsinites that support medical cannabis in Wisconsin.​

83% of Wisconsinites ​support medical cannabis. We have the numbers. Help us turn those numbers into action by sharing this email with your friends. By uniting and speaking out, we can finally bring medical cannabis to Wisconsin.