Pro-cannabis billboard fundraiser

SE WI NORML will be getting pro-cannabis digital billboards in early March! How many billboards we’ll get and how long they’ll stay up all depend on how much you donate! Please contribute at the bottom of the page!

Because the billboards are digital, we will have have our spot rotate between four different messages. Here are the billboard images:

Thanks to the contributions of some large donors, we are able to match all donations up to $3,000! If we reach our $3,000 goal, we’ll have $6,000 for pro-cannabis billboards!

So, where will they go? The two main spots we want them are in Milwaukee:

  • Oakland and North, by the donut shop ($1,600 for 4 weeks)
  • State Fair Park along I-94 facing Westbound traffic ($2,500 for 2 weeks)

That’s only $4,100 of our $6,000+ we plan to raise. After those we want to get billboards around the state. We’re limited to areas that have digital billboards. We’re thinking Janesville, Fond du Lac, and Appleton.

Pricing for those are:

  • Janesville is $1450 for 4 weeks or $725 per week
  • Fond du Lac is $1000 for 4 weeks or $288 per week
  • Appleton is $2940 for 4 weeks or $845 per week

The goals of these billboards:

  • Show Wisconsin politicians that cannabis legalization will be a major issue in the November election
  • Spur public dialog about cannabis legalization; the more people talk about it and the more the facts are out there, the more support we gain.
  • Get more people involved in our upcoming Grow the Vote campaign (Our website for Grow the Vote will be finished before the billboards go up).

With 59% of Wisconsinites supporting cannabis legalization, the only thing holding us back is our current lack of political influence. By putting our messages in front of hundreds of thousands of people and organizing a grassroots army to support pro-cannabis candidates and initiatives across the state, we will quickly attain the power that will enable us to elect a state government that will finally end the injustice of cannabis prohibition.

Fill out the form below, adding your name, email and donation amount. Once you click Continue to PayPal, you’ll be taken to PayPal where you can make your donation via PayPal funds or credit card.