Get Involved

59% of Wisconsin voters agree that marijuana should be regulated like alcohol according to a recent Marquette University Poll. But as we’ve seen across the country, Wisconsin politicians are very reluctant to follow the will of the voters and embrace sensible drug policy. We will only achieve legalization in Wisconsin through an organized grassroots movement that has tens of thousands of residents pushing strongly for reform.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

  • Organizing, promoting, and staffing rallies and informational events
  • Petitioning
  • Data entry
  • Writing articles and resources
  • Contacting candidates
  • Connecting us with businesses or organizations

Join us at a meeting

The best way to get started is to join us at one of our regular meetings. During meetings, we discuss and plan upcoming events, cannabis legislation, public awareness and community outreach. Please don’t be intimidated to join our meetings, which are casual, informative and full of like-minded people.

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Contact your state representative

Visit the Wisconsin Legislature Map and search for your address to find out who your legislator is. Call and email them to ensure they know where you stand on cannabis law reform. We recommend contacting your representative in multiple ways (both email and phone) and following up every couple months to really get your point across. Please also encourage your family and friends to contact their reps as well. Grassroots movements depend on you!

Be prepared to vote

Go to to check your Wisconsin voter registration status, find out where you vote, and get information on how to vote. If you don’t vote, your representatives have to incentive to listen to your opinion.

Volunteer with Southeastern Wisconsin NORML

We are stronger together! Join our chapter so we can pool our talents and resources and work together towards our goal of marijuana legalization.

Talk with your friends and family about cannabis law reform

One of the most powerful things you can do to support cannabis law reform is to talk openly about its many personal, health and industrial uses with your friends and family. When people who know you first hand see that you can be a good person and live a successful and productive life while using cannabis, they will question their long-held stereotypes of cannabis consumers.