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1. Do you support a legal, regulated, and taxed market for recreational cannabis, allowing Wisconsin residents over the age of 21 to purchase and possess up to two ounces (or more) of cannabis from regulated dispensaries, as proposed by State Rep. Melissa Sargent’s (D-Madison) AB482?

At this time in my life I do not support any recreational use of cannabis whatsoever. I have grown up around drugs for the last 22 years and I have repeatedly watched weed become the gate through which one enters to use other hard drugs. At other times I have watched friends sell [weed], consequently ruining the lives of their families. My experience may not be universal, but it is nonetheless my experience over the past two decades. I am concerned about protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (i.e., the purpose of the executive office), and after 22 years of watching weed destroy the lives of loved ones I simply cannot conclude that it contributes to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

I have never used what people generally label as “drugs,” but I am also knowledgeable to understand that caffeine, alcohol, and prescription drugs are and still do fall into the same category. I can understand why someone would point to those other accepted uses in society and wonder why we won’t allow recreational use of cannabis. I can see both sides of the argument; please believe me because I have grown up in an environment in which drug usage was common, accepted, and unchallenged. I am only one man who must come to his own conclusions; I just do not see the recreational use of weed as beneficial to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Lastly, I need to see more and more facts to be swayed from beliefs (of which stem from over twenty years of life experience). I think this is an OK thing to ask for considering every person must decide for themselves. And in an autonomous society we all must decide the ways in which we will be convinced. I will not take that away from you, and I do not think you will take that away from me.

2. Do you support allowing any Wisconsin resident over the age of 21 to grow up to 6 (or more) cannabis plants at home without a license, as proposed by AB482?

No. Please see above for more of an explanation.

3. Do you support allowing patients suffering from various ailments to purchase and use cannabis as treatment for their ailments if they have a doctor’s recommendation?

My answer is a conditional “yes.” These matters are more complex than most make them out to be, and I like to read facts and talk to people who have personally conducted the scientific research themselves. I do not take these matters lightly, and I prefer to rely upon the experts. Education is extremely important to me (it’s often what sets people free!), and where the medicinal use of cannabis alleviates–to whatever degree–pain, I am all for it. Where it can be proven that it is not directly healing or relieving symptoms I am not for it.

I am an evidence based person, and this is a good thing for those who will consider voting for me. I understand the full power of the executive office, and anyone else (including Walker) who is running for governor simply does not. That is, while every other candidate’s efforts may die after being blocked by the state congress, I know that if life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being inhibited by a removal of these laws I will then be immediately qualified (and obligated!) to ensure that these laws remain in place and enforced. There is no other gubernatorial candidate that is speaking like me. That means there is no other candidate that is willing to do what is right except for me. In fact, Walker has already given away one constitutional guarantee when pressure was applied to him (and that is HUGE!). And that means when pressure is applied to him by another special interest group attempts to stop the medicinal usage of cannabis Walker will again cave. His PURPOSE, the reason he is getting paid approx. $150,000/yr. is to ENFORCE the law. He has proven that he is not willing to do that when the pressure is applied, and I am the only candidate is willing to do what is right. I am the only candidate who knows how to enforce the law.

I say this respectfully, but the race is between Walker and myself. I took 68% of the vote over and against Walker in a Wisconsin Public Radio poll, and Marquette released a poll last month that showed people do not know enough about the Democrat candidates to vote for them. Out of one year and three months of my campaign I’ve only had one person say “no thank you.” I have had members of every major party (Democrats, Progressive Democrats, Tea Party, Independents, and Republicans) give me their support, and the media refuses to report it. That’s just fine, but the reality is that I am Walker’s only true contender, and I have converted literally every Walker supporter and donor I’ve ever met (including some of his personal friends!).

My point? If a Republican majority tries to take away the medicinal use of cannabis I will step in immediately and protect said medicinal use. There is no other candidate that will risk political suicide to protect those who are in literal dire need except for Ryan Cason. And this is the reason why all pro-cannabis users must vote Cason.

4. Do you agree with the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis outlined in Section 42 of AB482 (listed below)?
(2) “Debilitating medical condition or treatment" means any of the following:
(a) Cancer; glaucoma; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; a positive test for the presence of HIV, antigen or nonantigenic products of HIV, or an antibody to HIV; Crohn's disease; a hepatitis C virus infection; Alzheimer's disease; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; nail patella syndrome; Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; post-traumatic stress disorder; or the treatment of these conditions.
(b) A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment of such a disease or condition that causes cachexia, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy, or severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.
(c) Any other medical condition or any other treatment for a medical condition designated as a debilitating medical condition or treatment in rules promulgated by the department of health services under s. 50.81 (2).

Please see the portion above that refers to speaking to the experts themselves. I must personally see the evidence, because I do not want to be mislead. That being said, I personally know several individuals (who shall remain nameless out of respect to their privacy) who have benefited from the medicinal use of cannabis. I will protect these things for those who are in true need. Walker will not, and neither will the other candidates.

5. Answer this question only if you support both recreational and medicinal uses of cannabis. Do you support allowing medical cannabis patients to possess more cannabis than recreational users and to be exempt from the taxes that are imposed on recreational users?

[No response]

6. Do you support a permitting system that would enable publicly-accessible establishments to allow legal possessors of cannabis to smoke it in outdoor areas at their establishments? This would address an issue present in other states’ implementations, where many people are legally allowed to purchase and possess cannabis, but have no place to legally consume it.

We have many laws on the books that determine where and when individuals shall burn this or that. The state congress is responsible for creating new laws, and the governor is responsible for enforcing the law. Thus, I would work with the congress to allow those who utilize weed medicinally to do so in various areas at various times under various circumstances. Nevertheless, I am also obligated to represent the rest of the population, and I must therefore factor in the many complexities of doing so.

Bonfires are not permitted in the middle of an intersection, alcohol is not allowed to be consumed in open containers except under special circumstances, and smoking is no longer permitted inside restaurants (and so on). In like manner, cannabis should also have its restrictions. This is equitable.

7. Do you support conviction expungement or pardons for anyone convicted of possession, growing, and/or selling cannabis in Wisconsin?

I support rehabilitation primarily. And if one is showing one’s self to be changed I support the pardoning of past convictions and sentences. This is what a governor can do, and I intend on having my nose in the books to ensure all who have changed can go free as soon as possible. For many reasons, it is in the state’s best interest for me to act upon this as often as possible. However, because I do not support recreational use, I will not pardon those who have no intention of changing.

8. Do you support or would you consider any other cannabis regulatory or legalization scheme for Wisconsin

Yes. All things must be evidence based with me. If one wants to convince me to open my mind further one must present much evidence. I am willing to have a discussion and devote my time to the people.

9. Do you believe that possession of limited amounts of cannabis by a person in his or her own home or in another’s home with the owner’s permission should be legal in the State of Wisconsin?

I do not support it if it goes against state law and if it inhibits life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Conversely, if it brings life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness I will then support it. The key to interpreting this answer, then, is in reading my previous answers.

10. What level of taxes do you think should be imposed on recreational cannabis?

I do not support recreational cannabis for reasons previously stated.

11. How do you think that tax revenue should be used?

Please see above.

12. Why is cannabis law reform an important issue to you?

Cannabis law reform is important to me because it is a matter of life and death. And because it is such you will find NO other candidate that is willing to go all the way for those who depend upon it medically. I will utilize every bit of constitutional power to protect the lives of the citizens of Wisconsin, up to and including the guaranteed use of medicinal cannabis. It is the duty of a governor to protect life, and I will therefore do everything in my power (which, as a governor, is a huge amount) to ensure that those who are in need of medicinal cannabis will always have it at their disposal. There are too many facts that show the positive impact of medical cannabis for any governor to ignore, but there is no other candidate for governor (including Walker himself) that is willing to go all that way–at any cost–except for Ryan Cason.

Additional Comments

Thank you for your time and consideration. I respectfully request that none of my answers be shared without the context of the questionnaire in its entirety. Thank you once again for your interest.